A Simple Message

I have been told, for the majority of my life, that I was strange. It was not until very recent that my strangeness has become a source of inspiration for others. So to those of you feeling out of place, and to those of you who have been treated poorly for not fitting the norm, embrace what you have to offer. Your are the flavor that makes a great dish unique. You are the question most are unwilling to ask. You are the spark that many need to achieve their own greatness. Not because I said so, but because it is an inescapable truth that we all must learn to honor and enjoy.

Happy Monday y'all

With love, 


New Single - This is Revolution Music

This month I have been working on a solo project inspired by the many lives taken by police brutality, centuries of oppression and the need to speak out the best way that I know how, through music. 

All lyrics are spoken with the intent to love all and also recognize our broken history. I love all people and will not tolerate anything less from everyone around me. We can fuss with one another, but there is no place for war and hatred, nor the blatant destruction of others' lives through slow systemic oppression

Last Night Was AWESOME!!!!!!!

Shout out to EMissyK (Loose Lips Radio) and all of our featured performers. I am officially in love with "The French Quarters Creole Bar and Grill." One of my new favorite venues for life. Great event. And thank you all for dancing with me :)


Music Video - "Fast Life"


This music video is a personal testimony and an acknowledgment. Too many of us spend our lives working for a dollar, rather than for passion, or service. To any of you making way towards your dreams, I hear you, I see you and I am proud of you. 

With Love,