January | Sheldon Botler Music

"Many of you know this feeling. It is the rush before speaking in front of a large crowd. It's the moment when you asks you yourself, am I ready? It is light breaking through a window in the morning, urging you to begin the day, as you wrestle with your cold feet saying... "Come on!", as they beg you for mercy. I stand at the edge of life's stage gratefully. The curtain is nearly drawn. I can feel it. New music is on the way, and I feel more excited than ever. "

I Still Love You

I Still Love You – New Release

  I am proud to present to you my new song “I Still Love You.” This is an important jump in my growth as a musician. For many of you, this may just be another song, but for me, it is an entry into my life journal. I wrote this song as a way to process an emotionally turbulent break…