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"To new heights we soar, on the wings of out mistakes. May the wind never stop blowing."



FEBRUARY 2016 – WATCH OUT YALL!!!! 2016 has barely begun and Sheldon Botler Music has been on tour, Sheldon Botler Photography has done portrait photography for a cardiologist at UCLA between yesterday and today my band and I are happy to welcome Lani Smith, Michael Stervinou, Jenny Kwon, Priya Frank, and Wanda A. Ward as patrons of our band. Invitations for shows are coming from every corner and we are…

I Still Love You

I Still Love You – New Release

  I am proud to present to you my new song “I Still Love You.” This is an important jump in my growth as a musician. For many of you, this may just be another song, but for me, it is an entry into my life journal. I wrote this song as a way to process an emotionally turbulent break…